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Imago handmade and bespoke products have been in development since 2004 using naturally sourced and (where possible), organic ingredients. The raw materials used in my products are derived from plant and marine sources and do not contain anything which has been tested on or derived from animals. Imago skincare products are also Paraben, SLS, mineral oil and propylene glycol free.

My Ingredients are sourced from one or two trusted suppliers, one of whom is Kolbjorn Borseth; who was the first winner of the CAM 2009 outstanding achievement award for his contribution to the complimentary and natural therapy industry. Imago products are completely handmade. I make cleansers, toners, treatment creams, moisturisers, facial serums, washes, masks, body scrubs, lotions, hand creams, facial exfoliators and cleaning products. I have developed products for a wide range of skin concerns and all Imago skincare is available for sale in selected salons. My website is contantly evolving as new products are added as I expand my range.

I am currently making inroads into the wholesale market, lucrative sales can be achieved by marketing my products in skincare and beauty business whether you are salon based or a mobile therapist.  Should you be interested in including my products within your business please contact me at

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