Effective Skincare for acne, breakout or blackhead prone skin

Effective skincare for problem skin, such as acne, breakout or blackhead prone skin. It is also great for oily, hormonal and congested skin. I decided that particular ingredients would be perfect for this range, to target “problem skin”. The foundation of the range is a synergistic blend of herbs – Chickweed and Wild Pansy combined with a special blend of oils from plants grown in the South American Rain forest. You can read more about Chickweed and Wild Pansy here… Herbal Extracts as well as information about the oil blend here… Blemish Prone Skin Tests proved that this blend of oils is effective for helping acne prone skin. In addition, but in addition, my customers find that it helps all sorts of skin issues. I added vitamins and vegetable oils known to be suitable for this skin type and then I chose essential oils to maximise the benefits.

Image of the ingredients in Anti Acne Active Formula for Blemish Prone skin
Three magical ingredients