Decorative image of herbal extracts.
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Herbal Extracts

Decorative image of herbal extracts.
Herbal Extracts


Wild Pansy and Chickweed Herbal Extracts

People have used herbal extracts for centuries for their health benefits.  They used Wild Pansy herb to treat various skin issues because it is believed to help “problem skin”.  People have historically used Chickweed Herb, or Stellaria media to treat skin irritations and itching.  I believe these two herbal extracts work together to help all kinds of skin issues.

Wild Pansy Herbal Extract

  • The leaves and flowers are dried and then decocted, (boiled) which allows the various components to be extracted
  • In addition, the decoction process releases the saponins from the herb.
  • I chose Wild Pansy Herb for its cleansing, soothing and healing properties.
  • Wild pansy produces an effective herbal extract to help skin prone to acne or breakouts. Experts also believe it to be useful for conditions such as psoriasis.
  • Skincare experts think that it is a useful herb for skin with a tendency to have large pores.
  • Shampoo manufacturers often add this herbal extract to their hair products, because they believe that it is useful for eczema of the scalp.
  • Research has shown that wild pansy extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chickweed Herbal Extract

  • People using this herb extract the components by soaking the herb in boiled water.  Herbalists call this an infusion.
  • Chickweed contains vitamin C and flavonoids, both powerful antioxidants. The herb also acts to regulate cell turnover.
  • It helps treat a number of skin issues, acne, eczema, inflammation, and skin allergies.
  • Rich in active ingredients, such as Saponins. (Saponins are natural plant carbohydrates that are soothing to the skin).
  • Chickweed also contains tocopherols, (vitamin E) and GLA, (Gamma Linoleic Acid).

Herbal Extract – Historical Information

Centuries ago, because chickweed provided the only source of greens during the winter months, Medieval herbalists used the herb for curing skin rashes.   Chickweed makes good chicken food, which is how it got its name.  The makers of chicken food add chickweed to this day.

Because of its cleansing and healing properties, people have used Wild Pansy for centuries.  In fact, John Gerard, a herbalist in the 1500’s described the herb as good for treating “scabs and itching of the whole body”


Herbal Extracts in Imago Skincare

Soothe and Purify Wash made with herbal extracts from Chickweed and Wild Pansy is very effective for problem skin
100ml and 50ml Soothe and Purify wash
Soothe and purify Toner is made with a herbal extract from chickweed and Wild Pansy. It is perfect for problem skin and helps balance the pH of the skin.
Soothe and Purify Toner


A very happy customer talks about Soothe and Purify Wash.
Thyme to Clean and Soothe and Purify Wash


Image of Soothe and Purify Moisturiser with ingredients in two different sizes. A facial care product for problem skin.
Soothe and Purify Moisturiser


Image of Soothe and Purify Mask with green clay.
Soothe and Purify Mask


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