I love writing the Imago Skincare blog page! It is a great way to remind myself of the wonderful ingredients I use and what they can do for your skin. In addition, I always get new ideas about product development. A lot of thought goes into the initial formulation, not to mention researching ingredients, their properties and benefits to the skin.

It doesn’t have to be new!

Many of the ingredients used in the products are not new to the world of skincare. In fact, many have been used for centuries. I like to include some of these ancient uses and also mention some of the folklore around the plants. I also love to find images of the plants – they are so beautiful! Finding out how indigenous communities use or produce the ingredients I use, is also fascinating for me. Reading the history of each plant is one of the more interesting aspects. One of the issues that I am open about, is my ethos in terms of what “natural” means to me. You can read all about that here.

Image of Shea Butter with some flowers.
Shea butter has many benefits for the skin

It’s an amazing task!

When writing the Imago Skincare blog page, one aspect never ceases to amaze me. No matter how many times I read about plant based ingredients, I make new discoveries about the benefits they provide to the skin every time. Also, when I formulate the products, I have to work out how to put the chosen ingredients together and work out how to make a product that is stable and effective. Deciding which percentages I need to use of each ingredient is a time consuming, but satisfying task. One of my favourite products is Marine Active Complex – it is one of my best sellers. It is food for the skin – you can feel the goodness as soon as you start using it. Here’s a video of me talking about the product.

Some of the wonderful ingredients in my top selling serum – Marine Active