Image of Pauline Thompson in her lab - The Alchemy Workshop
Pauline Thompson – Founder and Owner of Imago Skincare

Natural handmade plant-based skincare made in County Durham by Imago Skincare

About Imago Skincare

All of the plant-based ingredients used in Imago Skincare products are chosen to get the best results!  You can read what my customers think of the products on the reviews and testimonial page.   There are also Trust Pilot Reviews.  The formulations are luxurious and affordable, but also highly effective, and beautifully fragranced products. I am passionate about making high-quality, natural handmade plant-based skincare with natural ingredients.  In fact, I consider my product range to be my life’s work.   I formulate products for my customers by choosing the best quality ingredients I can find.  These luxurious but affordable products can transform your skin.  I strive to make outcome-focused skincare that, not only gets you the results you want but is a pleasure to use! 


Safe Skincare

I love making beautiful and effective plant-based products, but most importantly, I want them to be safe!  It is important to me that I am open and honest about my products.  I give you more information about my methods and opinions on this website. You can find out more about me and my products in my private Facebook group, The Skincare Alchemist.

A long term customer reviews the Imago Skincare facial and products. She loves having the facials and has been using the products with great results for years.
I Have Used These Products for Years

Organic Cucumber extract does amazing things for your skin!

If you visit this page, you will discover exactly how I go about formulating my products.  I have been making products for nearly 20 years and I consider it to be my life’s work.  My starting point is making the decision about what exactly I want the product to do, in other words, what benefits I want to achieve.  The next stage is focused on researching ingredients that will help me make a product that works!  Then, I have to work on making sure all the ingredients work together and that the product is stable.  The last stage is blending the fragrance that enhances the benefits of the product – I only use essential oils. 

If you want to know more, click the Want to know more button below. You can see images of my Alchemy Workshop and of me making the products – it’s my happy place.


Welcome to my website – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, either through joining my Facebook group or via email at  I can give advice about products and information about the ingredients. In addition, my promise to you is that you will always get an open and honest response.