A customer gives feedback about how imago products help her sensitive skin.
Customer Feedback on The Sensitive Range

The Sensitive Range

Affordable skincare for sensitive skin is an issue that was high on the priority list for Imago Skincare.  People who have sensitive skin often find it difficult to find skincare that works, that doesn’t irritate their skin.

I wanted to develop a range of products for sensitive skin. So, I began by researching ingredients that would be less likely to cause a reaction.  Some people have reactions to products because they are allergic to one or more of the ingredients.  Others become sensitised to the product.  You can read about the difference here.


I formulated this range with an ingredient called Allantoin in some the products.  The decision was made to use this ingredient because it is thought to reduce irritation and sensitivity and protect the skin.

The products in this range include a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.  For additional products, such as serum and mask,  I would suggest the following:-  Marine Active Complex and Firm and Nourish Mask seem to be broadly well tolerated by people with sensitive skin.


For this range of products, I use essential oils that are known to be more gentle on the skin. They are less likely to cause irritation.

No one can predict the likelihood of a reaction unless they know what triggers them.  If you are aware of which ingredients cause a reaction, please contact me and I will carefully check the ingredients prior to purchase.

For people who have extremely sensitive skin, I would suggest that you try a sample pack.  Would you like to   discuss your skincare needs with me?  I would be happy to talk to you, in order to tailor your pack to suit your skin.  Contact me via my Facebook page.




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