Effective Skincare For Problem Skin

Handmade products for problem skin by Imago Skincare.  This range of products is ideal for skin that is acne-prone, breakout or blackhead-prone.  Also, it is helpful for oily, hormonal or congested skin.

If you scroll down, you will see the different products in the range. There is a facial wash, toner, moisturiser, and the best mask for this type of skin.

I designed this range of products for teens and adults.

When I developed the range, I used a blend of synergistic herbs that have been used for centuries.  Herbalists believe them to be helpful for issues affecting the skin.  Experts believe that they have the ability to improve this skin type.

I added a product that is made from tree oils from the South Americal Rain Forest, because it has been proven to be helpful for skin issues like acne.

Image showing the ingredients in Anti Acne Active Formula used in handmade products for problem skin.
Active ingredients in the Soothe and Purify Range

Vegetable oils were chosen to enhance the products, because they work well with problem skin.  I chose specific essential oils to add to the effectiveness of the products.  You can read all about the ingredients and their benefits on the individual product listings.

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