Imago Hands & Body Products

Nourishing skincare for the hands and body by Imago Skincare.  I made a range of products specifically for the hands however, they are multi-use products because some of them are excelent for use on the body too!  Scroll down if you want to go straight to the products!


In this range, you will find a hand and body wash and a hand and body lotion – these are available in a beautiful fresh, and energising fragrance.


As always, I create the fragrance with essential oils – the first two products contain Mandarin, Neroli, and Ho Wood. I call this blend Morning Meadow


The Hand and Body Wash is a very effective wash, you only need a tiny amount to get a good lather.  Read more to discover other uses for this product.

Image of Hand and Body Lotion - nourishing skincare for the hands and body.
Morning Meadow Hand and Body Lotion

Morning Meadow Hand and Body Lotion is the best lotion to nourish your skin that I have ever used.  Because it contains coconut butter and glycerin, among other moisturising ingredients, it makes an immediate difference to your skin.


The best thing about the lotion is that it sinks into the skin very quickly and is not sticky at all!


The third product in the range is Vita-Nail.  I spent some time researching ingredients to strengthen the nails and repair damage and formulated this product.  I have added essential oils that enhance the effectiveness of the product.

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