Zesty Lime Exfoliator


An excellent product for smooth, refined skin.
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Image of Zesty Lime Exfoliator in two sizes with decorative ingredients.
Zesty Lime Exfoliator comes in two sizes


Dry flaky skin on the face?  Zesty Lime Exfoliator is the answer! This is an amazing product that gives you lovely smooth skin.  The outer layer of our skin is dead and generally sloughs itself during the natural skin regeneration process, however, sometimes our skin needs a little help.  When our skin gets dry, it’s difficult for our products to penetrate the outer layer without a little help.  Zesty Lime Exfoliator is the answer.

Dead skin cells form the outer layer of your skin, which is called the stratum corneum. They naturally fall from the skin fall from the skin and newer cells can take their place. The outer layer of the skin’s job is to protect the skin as well as to minimise water loss. However, sometimes, as we age, this natural process slows down. As a result, it can cause dry, flaky skin or even blackheads. In addition, too many dead skin cells block the natural flow of sebum, resulting in the formation of blackheads. In addition, this thicker layer makes it harder for any products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Therefore, your first step is exfoliation!

Skin Type

All skin types but people with sensitive skin should use it infrequently and with gentle application.

Ingredients and benefits

Castor Oil has excellent cleansing properties but is also soothing and softening.  Jojoba oil and Coconut butter add add moisturisation and skin conditioning benefits.  The exfoliant is ground Bamboo – no plastic beads and it is fragranced with Lime and Lavender essential oils giving a beautiful refreshing fragrance.

How to use it to reduce dry and flaky skin on the face

It is very important not to over-exfoliate.  Here’s how to improve dry and flaky skin on the face.

Use a 2p piece dollop of Zesty Lime Exfoliator and rub gently into the skin using circular movement. If your skin is very sensitive, dilute the exfoliate with your cleanser and be VERY gentle. In addition, extra sensitive people should patch test on a small area first. Do not over exfoliate – once weekly is usually enough!  If you would like further information, contact me via my Facebook page

Image of Zesty Lime Exfoliator. A product that helps reduce dry and flaky skin.
Zesty Lime Exfoliator

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