Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Product


All I can say is…. when I use this product, I feel that I have really cleaned!  It just smells amazing!

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Thyme to Clean

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Product

Some people might think it’s a bit odd that I added a cleaner to my range of products, in view of it not being a skincare product!

Image of Thyme to Clean - an environmentally friendly, all purpose cleaning product.
Thyme to Clean

So what’s the story behind it?

I heard about this wonderful essential oil and I wanted to use it.  So, I created an essential oil blend to work well with a cleaning product, and it just smells so clean and fresh.  Benchmark Thyme was studied by Brighton University, where it was proven to act against bacteria, including MRSA.  I blended it with three other essential oils that are known to work against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

I included soap in the formula, because of the advice at the time, that soap destroys the cell membrane of the Covid-19 virus.

What makes it an environmentally friendly cleaning product?

I make this cleaner entirely by hand, and use no machinery or power.  The ingredients are mainly plant based and there are no harsh chemicals.  I provide it in 500ml spray bottles as well as 2.5ltr or 5ltr refill bottle.  In addition, I recycle all my container drums and almost never buy packaging materials as I re-use every bit of packaging I receive.


Please note:- I cannot make any claims about this product because it would cost tens of thousands of pounds to test!  As a result, I can only rely on the properties of the ingredients.   I use Thyme to Clean is for all my cleaning  jobs in the house.   I have used it on carpets, in the kitchen, and the bathroom.   When I used it to clean my oven, using a steam cleaner, it looked like new!  It is great for cleaning PVC window frames.  If you own a caravan, it leaves your van smelling fresh and clean. I buy nothing else apart from furniture polish.  NB – it’s not suitable to use on wood!


How does it work?

I created this product using four of the top essential oils known for dealing with bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.  Read more here….


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