Skin Booster Collection – A Facial in a Box




A Facial in a Box – Skin Booster Collection

The Skin Booster Collection is a facial in a box that will pamper your skin and is a lovely gift.  It is designed to be used as a do-it-yourself, luxurious all-in-one  pamper kit to use at home.  The results will amaze you! beautiful, smoother, and younger-looking without even leaving the house!

What is included in the gift set?

Image of th eontents of the Facial in a Box - Skin Booster Collection
What’s in the box?

Zesty Lime Exfoliator (60ml)

Start your skin pampering session by using this product because it is the starting point to getting lovely smooth skin.  As a bonus, it also smells amazing! Simply apply the product in circular motions and rinse – you can do this while relaxing in the bath or during your shower.

Firm and Nourish or Youthful Glow Mask (50ml)

The next step is to apply your mask, to nourish and condition your skin.  The mask is packed with firming and nourishing ingredients and you can see the difference after you have used it.  You can even sleep in it and wake up feeling like you have had a facial while you slept.

Marine Active (15ml)

Use this after your remove your mask, after which you can your eye products and moisturiser on top.  You will feel this product working its magic on your skin!  I formulated Marine Active aiming for a product to feed the skin, and it is full of nourishing ingredients.  In particular, I included a marine algae extract that increases collagen synthesis by 19% in 24 hours!  People comment that they can feel it feeding their skin on the first application and it is one of my best sellers.  You only need to apply one pump to cover the whole of the face and neck.  It smells lovely too – the essential oil blend is really relaxing and calming.


How often should you use your Facial In a Box

Exfoliate only once weekly or less unless you have really congested skin.  You can use the facial mask and the Marine Active Complex twice daily, morning and evening.  If you need advice about any Imago Skincare products, you can contact me via facebook.

Additional information

Weight 1600 kg