Helping Hands Collection


The perfect gift set.  This collection contains a gentle, but effective hand wash as well as a nourishing hand lotion and a nail treatment that strengthens your nails and encourages growth.


The Helping Hands Collection – for beautiful hands.

A customer provides feedback about her present of the Helping Hands Collection. She tells how she loves the fragrance and fount that Vita Nail helped with the dry skin around her cuticles.
Customer feedback on the Helping Hands Collection

This gift set collection contains everything you need to take care of your hands and nails.

Morning Meadow Hand and Body Wash, (200ml).  Is lovely and bubbly, smells amazing, and does not dry out your hands.  It is all I need when I’m traveling because I use it to wash my hands, body, dishes, and washing clothes!  You can wash your hands gently, but effectively with only a tiny amount.

Morning Meadow Hand and Body Lotion (200ml).  This is far and away the best hand lotion I have ever used, even if I do say so myself! Packed with moisturising ingredients, such as Glycerin, Coconut butter, and Avocado Oil the product is non-sticky and easily absorbed into the skin.

Vita nail (12ml).    This product feeds the nails, and helps dry, damaged nails as well as encouraging growth.  Absolutely packed with ingredients known to enhance the health of your nails.  All the essential oils have been chosen for their benefits for the nails.

These days, we are constantly washing our hands and they can become very dry, in some cases the skin can become broken, red and sore.  We are being told that washing with soap and water destroys the cell membrane of the Corona virus but soap can be drying to the skin.   The hand wash in this gift set is very gentle and kind to the skin.  Follow it with the Vita nail and then the hand lotion, (which can be used as a body lotion too!)  If your skin becomes really red, or sore, with broken skin try adding Vitamin A Cream – they will be better in days!

The bottles are refillable and re-useable to be more environmentally friendly.

I discovered the benefits of these products during the first lockdown.  Because of all the hand washing, my hands were very sore and dry.  I started using the wash and lotion, and within three days there was a massive improvement.  The hand lotion is non-sticky and is absorbed very quickly into the skin, so much so that you can feel the difference immediately after application.


A beautiful gift

Image of the contents of the Helping Hands Collection, showing some of the ingredients in the products. All you need for beautiful hands.
A Gift Everyone Will Love

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