Me Time in a Box – Tranquillity Time Collection



Tranquillity Time Collection – Me Time in a Box!

Image of three variations of Body Scrub and Soak from above with ingredients. A Natural Skincare Product.
Body Scrub and Soak

A double dose of stress relieving, skin smoothing Me Time!  Three varieties of Imago Body Scrub and Soak ready for you to book some time for yourself, at the end of which you will have beautiful, smooth, and moisturised skin.


This product took me 3 years to perfect – and it is perfect! It exfoliates and moisturises your skin while you shower or bathe – there is no need for any additional body moisturising. Your skin feels silky smooth afterwards, due to the exfoliation but also the effects of organic coconut butter. Relax in the bath and enjoy the fragrances that fill the bathroom when you use it. No need for any creams or lotions afterward, you are good to go!

And as an additional benefit a soak in this product with Authentic Dead Sea Salt can really help to soothe lower back, muscle and joint pain too!

Ingredients and benefits

Dead Sea Salt softens, soothes, and exfoliates while Coconut Butter deeply moisturises the skin. Jojoba Oil and Calendula Oil protect and soften the skin while promoting tissue repair. The product comes in a range of fragrances created mainly with essential oils.

Also available separately Seriously Citrus, Relaxing Rose, Lavender and Lime and Coconut and Lime (fragranced with Lime essential oil and natural perfume.)

How to use it

Can be used in the shower (be careful as it can make surfaces slippery!), but why not make it a spa experience. Use the scrub all over the body then sink back into a lovely hot bath and feel that tingly sensation while you breathe in the beautiful aroma. (Candles and Wine optional!) Apply to damp skin in circular movement – either rinse off under the shower or soak in the bath.


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Additional information

Weight 1600 kg