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Rescue your nails with this product!

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Nail Care Made Easy With Vita Nail

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Vita Nail


Nail care is made easy with Vita Nail.  I formulated this product to strengthen, condition and nourish the nails.  I chose to pack it with ingredients to help you get healthy nails.  This is a nail product that feeds and moisturises the cuticles which, in as a result, leads to more healthy nails.  It is excellent for dry, brittle or soft nails and also helps to resolve dry cuticles. It can help red or inflamed skin and is really good to use if you have had nail extensions removed.

Nail care with Vita Nail – ingredients and benefits

I made this product after researching ingredients at length to find the perfect formulation to help nails to grow, become in better condition and look great! If you want to nourish your nails, you really need to nourish the cuticles, because that is where the nail is formed.

Here are some of the ingredients and the reason I chose them for this product. .

  • Vitamin A is nourishing to the skin and soothing to damaged skin. It helps to repair damaged skin.
  • Vitamin E reduces free radical damage because it is an extremely efficient anti-oxidant. I use a 100% natural product which contains a delicate balance of Tocopherol (vitamin e) to maximise the positive effects.
  • Organic Borage Oil contains high levels of GLA, (gamma-linolenic acid), GLA assists the body to product prostaglandins. Because this process is essential for repair and maintenance of many body functions, it helps the skin to heal more quickly.
  • Thistle Oil blends very well with Borage Oil, helping to rejuvenate the skin. It also has a softening and soothing effect.
  • Comfrey oil helps to combat dryness, nourish the nail and rebuild cell tissue. It has a very high Omega 9 content.
  • A synergistic blend of essential oils works to regenerate and stimulate nail growth. Carrot Seed oil is high in Carotene and Vitamin A content and, in addition stimulates nail growth. It also has antiseptic properties, therefore it can protect the nails from infection. Rosemary Oil helps to rehydrate the cuticles. Lemon Oil is said to harden the nails and improve peeling.

How to use it

Apply to nails and cuticles 2-3 times daily, especially at night.


If you have any questions, get in touch.  You can read more about me and my products on my Facebook page and I also have a private group.


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