Sleep tight Pillow Spray


Formulated to use as a pillow spray. Spray on to your pillow before bed.



Image of Imago Skincare Sleep Tight Pillow Spray with decorative items.
Sleep Tight Pillow Spray

Sleep Tight Pillow Spray


Sleeping problems?  Sleep Tight Pillow Spray can help!  I made this pillow spray, using a blend of essential oils to help people drift off to a restful sleep.  As an alternative, you could spray it on to a handkerchief to take to bed with you.

I formulated this product to help with dropping off to sleep but also to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and enhance relaxation.  I included specific essential oils that have the reputation of improving the  mood, enhancing relaxation, as well as  providing relief from stress and anxiety.   Customers tell me that the product helped them to get a better night’s sleep.


Ingredients and Benefits for sleeping problems

  • Lavender – Everyone knows that lavender helps with sleeping problems.  It is a very versatile oil that can claim a number of benefits.  As well as the anxiety reducing benefits, (we all know that feeling of worrying about our day to day problems and getting more and more anxious to the extent that we cannot sleep!),  studies have concluded that lavender can lower the heart rate, temperature and blood pressure – because this happens naturally when we fall asleep so it’s all good so far!
  • Frankincense is uplifting and calms the nervous system.  In addition, it can reduce anxiety and promote deeper breathing patterns.  Because it relieves stress and promotes relaxation, it is an ideal addition to Sleep Tight Pillow Spray.  It  is calming and a fabulous mood enhancer.
  • Rose Geranium – I love this oil!  It smells divine and enhances many blends.  It is reputed to reduce anxiety and known as an analgesic.  In addition, it aids relaxation, so you can see why included it in the Sleep Tight Pillow Spray!
  • Roman Chamomile – chamomile has a relaxing and calming effect – therefore, it is  just what we need to allow us to fall into a natural sleep!  For centuries, people have used chamomile for its mild sedative and calming effects.
  • Neroli promotes relaxation and has even been described as having hypnotic effects.  Indeed, one study concluded that, Neroli, combined with Lavender and Roman Chamomile resulted in benefits in reducing anxiety, improving sleep and regulating blood pressure.  This study was carried out with patients hospitalised with heart conditions.  It’s quite interesting so have a read!

How to Use Sleep Tight Pillow Spray

Give the bottle a little shake and spray the product on to your pillow before going to bed.  Alternatively, you could spray it on to a handkerchief to take to bed with you.  Furthermore, if you wake up during the night, refresh with a quick spritz and off you go!


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