The Travel Skincare Kit by Imago Skincare



Travel Skincare Kit – The Travel Collection by Imago Skincare

The Travel Skincare KIt provides you with your basic daily skincare products and is perfect for taking on holiday.  All the products you need in the perfect sizes when you are on your travels.  This Travel Collecting is ideal if you want to try smaller sizes before getting the full-sized versions.  This skincare kit also makes a perfect gift!  Including a lip balm in the kit is really helpful to protect the lips from the sun and avoid dryness while traveling.

In your box you will find:-

  • Cleanser or Wash (50ml)
  • Toner (50ml)
  • Moisturiser (15ml)
  • Lip balm
Image of what is in the box when you buy the Travel Skincare Kit by Imago Skincare. It is available in four different ranges.
The Travel Collection



A travel skincare kit to suit your skin type.

Firm and Nourish Travel Collection

The Firm and Nourish range is specifically formulated for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin.  All the products work to nourish, tone, and moisturise your skin.  They are fragranced with a blend of floral essential oils that is relaxing and calming, which have been chosen for their properties for this particular skin type.  Firm and Nourish Moisturiser contains hyaluronic acid, a great ingredient for addressing the loss of collagen and elastin that happens when our skin gets older.  The ingredient is often called “The Fountain of Youth”.  It is a natural substance that is produced by the body, however, as we get older, we produce less of it.  This ingredient is very helpful for this skin type.

Soothe and Purify Travel Collection

Formulated for breakout, blackhead and acne-prone, as well as congested or hormonal skin. This is a great range for men too as it is fragranced with oils like tea tree.  A synergistic herbal blend is integral to the formulations in this range.  Wild Pansy and Chickweed Herbs make this range really effective.  It is a really popular collection and many teenagers have found that it helps their skin to recover more quickly.  The Soothe and Purify range contains a blend of tree oils that is really helpful for this skin type.  The moisturiser contains Jojoba oil, which makes the product really effective but not too greasy for this type of skin.

Youthful Glow Travel Collection

This is a great range for normal – dry, dehydrated skin, because it has been formulated using the same wonderful ingredients as the Firm and Nourish Range but the fragrance is created using essential oils that regenerate and renew the skin.  Because it has a light, fresh, and citrussy fragrance that is really cheerful, I call it the happy blend.  Just smelling the product can really lift your mood.  One of the ingredients that is really helpful for this skin type is Pomegranate Seed, and I use the oil and the extract in the product.

The Sensitive Travel Collection

I carefully formulated every single product in this range to suit sensitive skin, which can sometimes be difficult to manage.  This is especially so if you can’t find out what exactly you are sensitive to!  Very few people react to this range!  Allantoin, which is made from the Comfrey plant is included in this range because it helps to reduce the skin’s reaction to sensitivity.   In the moisturiser, I included Rosehip Seed Oil which helps to strengthen sensitive skin.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss your skincare needs prior to purchase.  You also have the option to try the sample pack first!


Imago of the products included in the Travel Skincare Kit. It is available in four different ranges to suite a range of skin types.
The Travel Collection

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Weight 1600 kg
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Soothe & Purify Range, Sensitive Range, Firm & Nourish Range, Youthful Glow Range