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I can send you samples of any products you would like to try.  This is invaluable if you have sensitive skin!  Contact me via email if you need more information.  I have had lots of people who have been helped by my products, despite having sensitive skin.  Sometimes, you just want to try a small amount before buying full size versions.  If you like to try samples beforehand, this is perfect for you!

image of what is in the sample pack - great for sensitive skin
Image of what is in the sample pack.


Image of a sample pack so that you can find out which skin care will suit your skin
Sample Pack

Which Skin Care for Sensitive Skin?

Which skincare for sensitive skin is a question I am often asked.  I don’t have a definitive answer, however, I do make and effort to ensure that my sensitive range of products is formulated with ingredients that are less likely to cause a sensitive reaction.  Even so, unless you have undergone tests to find out exactly what you are sensitive to, it is very hard to predict how your skin will react to products.  At the end of the day, anyone can react to any product, without warning.  I perform lots of facials on my clients and reactions are very rare, but they do happen occasionally and it is very hard to pinpoint the culprit!

It makes sense

When you buy a sample pack, it can save you money in the long run as you can test out the products without spending a fortune.   People with sensitive skin often struggle to find suitable products, because they sometimes don’t know what is triggering the reaction.  I always advice people to use one product at a time, leaving a few days before trying the next on, thereby enabling me to pinpoint what might be causing the problem.

Skin care for sensitive skin – Sample packs

I provide sample packs so that you can try small sized of the products before buying the full sizes.  I can also help to identify what you might be sensitive to, by looking at the products that you can use and checking against the ingredients I use.  Simply email me and tell me all about your skin, as well as the products you can use.  I may not have all the answers but I will do my best to give you the best advice.   I can make up bespoke packs to suit your skin and get it looking its best!  But, you don’t have to have sensitive skin to try a sample pack! Because you can try any range or products out before buying the full sizes.  You will be able to see the difference the products make to you your skin without spending lots of money.

Keep an eye out as sometimes I do Facebook demonstrations on my page or in my group.  and I can supply the packs to use to carry  out your own facial at home.  People love the demonstrations – especially when we were in lockdown.  I will be happy to do more if there is a demand for them.  They actually make for a great girly night in.  So, get a group of friends together, and have a great pamper night on a budget!  Contact me if you want to arrange one!

The Sensitive Range

You can explore the products I have specifically formulated for sensitive skin here.

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Indicate which range you would like when you checkout.  Choose from Firm and Nourish, Youthful Glow, Sensitive or Soothe and Purify.  Follow the links to read about the different ranges.


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