Reviews and Testimonials from users of Imago Skincare

Reviews and Testimonials are vital to any product based business!  On this page you can see some comments left by people who use Imago Skincare!  I love a good review – it makes me grateful that I embarked on this journey all those years ago!

The reviews and testimonials have been sent to me via a number of channels, Facebook, Google, Email and texts and every one of them warms my heart!

It is really important to me that the products I make, “do what it says on the tin”! 

Why I feel Reviews help my customers

Providing proof that the product works is very important to me. Reading the comments of other customers gives information about the effectiveness of the products. The comments give an idea of the experiences of other people and how much they enjoy using them.


Visit My Approach page, and you can read exactly how I go about formulating each product. There you can find out how and why I choose each and every ingredient.


I offer free skincare consultations and skincare advice and as you will see, people often comment upon this in the reviews.

The Imago Skincare Facial Ritual, which I provide in my salon is an amazingly beautiful treatment. You will see in the reviews that there are several comments on this.


If you have used my products and would like to leave me a review please use this link.

The Reviews and Testimonials

Client Testimonial regarding Imago Skincare Products
Client Testimonial
Happy customer reviews Imago Skincare products and   customer services
Happy Customer reviews Imago Skincare products and Customer Service
Customer reviews Imago Skincare products.  She loves the smell and the feel of the products.
They smell divine!
Customer review of imago skincare products saying how they make her feel in the morning.
Review of the Firm and Nourish Range
A wholesale customer recommends Imago Skincare
Wholesale Customer Recommendation
Customer feedback about the results of using Vitamin A Cream and Tea Tree Rescue Lotion
Customer Feedback on Vitamin A Cream and Tea Tree Rescue Lotion
A customer explains how Marine Active Complex has become part of her skin care routine.
Marine Active – part of your skincare routine.
A customer recommends Roll on Tranquillity and relates how she uses and how it helps her anxiety symptoms.
Customer Recommendation for Roll-on Tranquillity
A wholesale customer provides feedback, after having a facial several years ago, she started using the product to carry out her own facials on her clients.
Wholesale Customer Review
A customer who suffers from breakout prone skin describes the results of using the Soothe and Purify Range
Skin Problems Sorted
A customer gives feedback about how imago products help her sensitive skin.
Customer Feedback on The Sensitive Range
A customer recommends Imago Skincare products, stating that they are the only products she has ever tried that actually work!
A Skincare Range That Actually Works
A customer testimonial about Imago Skincare, particularly Zesty Lime Exfoliator
Customer Testimonial
 A very happy customer describes how much she liked Thyme to Clean, a household cleaning spray as she loves how it smells and how effective it is.  She also likes Soothe and Purify Wash.
Thyme to Clean and Soothe and Purify Wash
A customer provides feedback about her present of the Helping Hands Collection.  She tells how she loves the fragrance and fount that Vita Nail helped with the dry skin around her cuticles.
Customer feedback on the Helping Hands Collection
A customer recommends Beard and Bare Skin Gear.  He tells how he loves the product and how his beard has never looked so good.
Beard and Bare Skin Gear – My beard has never looked so good!
Customer says that she loves the Imago Skincare Range and adds that they make great gifts.
Imago Skincare products make great gifts.
A customer who now uses Imago Skincare as part of her routine, comments on the fact that her skin has never looked better.  She adds that she wouldn't use anything else.
My skin has never looked so good!
A customer provides feedback on Imago Skincare Products.  She loves the effect on her hormonal, breakout prone skin and adds that she feels she sleeps better because of the fragrances of the products.
Hormonal, breakout prone skin
A long term customer reviews the Imago Skincare facial and products.  She loves having the facials and has been using the products with great results for years.
I Have Used These Products for Years
A customer tells how she lives in the same town where Imago Skincare is made, so she can enjoy the facials as well as the products.
I’m Lucky to Live Local
A customer talks about her new skincare routine with Imago Skincare.  She loves the Marine Active Complex and Soothing Arnica Eye Gel.  She also uses Thyme to Clean, a household cleaning product by Imago Skincare
Part of my Routine
A customer review of Imago Skincare products after having a facial using the range.
Purchased After a Facial